• Sep, 14 2021

How to buy new vinyl records wholesale for sale in online stores?

If you own a store that sells music – whether online in brick-and-mortar – you need to be selling vinyls. In recent years, they’ve gained newfound popularity, with audiophiles searching them out, looking to get original copies (or even modern versions) for their turntables. It’s a massive profit opportunity. 

In this post, we take a look at where to buy vinyls online. Vinyl wholesale in the USA can be a little elusive, so this article shows you where you can get records legally and easily. 

Find A Wholesale Vinyl Records Distributor

Just like the other products in your store, you need to source vinyls from a wholesaler. That means going to a business-only store that sells records at trade prices. Don’t go to a retailer, unless you spot a deal that you can’t refuse. 

Ideally, choose music supply distributors who specialize in wholesale bulk vinyl records. These establishments offer collections of vinyls, turntables, music accessories and compact discs and lower prices. Some have been around for many decades and serve specific areas of the country from their distribution warehouses. 

Also, look for distributors that offer competitive pricing and good customer service. You want to be able to contact a rep if something goes wrong with your order. 

In addition, choose wholesale suppliers that have access to millions of SKUs. Doing this will allow you to offer your customers more choice. Many wholesalers keep more than 100,000 unique vinyls in their collections, offering a so-called “deep catalog.” 

How To Buy Wholesale Vinyl Records

How you buy vinyls wholesale depends on the distributor that you use. In many cases, wholesalers will actually provide you with a wizard or form that you can fill in to place your order. 

Confirm Your Business Status

The first question is usually “do you have a valid business licence?” with a checkbox that allows you to select “yes” or “no.” This step is important because the wholesaler wants to find out whether you are a genuine business or not (and whether they can legally ship to you at trade prices). 

Provide Business Information

The next question usually relates to the type of business that you operate. For example, you might get a bunch of options (such as a record store or electronics store) that also include “online retailer.” Select the one that applies to you. 

The wholesaler might also ask for additional information, such as the number of locations you own and the type of business that you run (if it isn’t among the categories that they provide). 

Enter Your Contact Details

Wholesalers usually want to learn more about you, so they’ll ask you to provide your job title, name, address, ZIP code, country, phone and email. 

Enter Your Purchasing History Information

They may also ask you what type of products you currently sell through your business. Common examples include CDs, DVDs, Blu-ray discs, video games, consumer electronics, novelty items and so on. If you are a new seller (but you have a business license) you can usually tick a box to this effect. 

They may also ask for information about which suppliers you currently use. Again, this is a form of security for wholesalers. Furthermore, they may ask how much you spend per month from suppliers. This question helps to determine whether the wholesaler can provide the volumes that you demand. 

Enter The Products That Interest You

Lastly, you can indicate the type of products that you want. If I was looking for vinyl supplies wholesale near me, I would just check “vinyl” and leave the others blank. You may also want to order accessories, toys, collectibles, video games and so on at the same time. 

Wait For A Response

Once you enter all of the information provided, you’ll need to wait for a response. You can’t usually just buy vinyl wholesale USA by entering your credit card details. 

As discussed above, some companies give business customers a form that they need to fill out, while others just ask you to send an email upfront. Either way, you will need to wait for them to get back to you. They will then discuss your needs and their pricing structure, telling you what you can get, and the quantities in which you must order. 

In summary, finding new vinyl records wholesale for an online store is relatively straightforward. However, it is not a regular transaction. Setting it up can be time-consuming. Once you’ve done it, though, ordering a second and third time becomes much easier.