• May, 19 2022

DVDs Aren’t Dead - Why People Are Still Buying Movies on DVD And Blu-Ray in an Era of Streaming

According to this piece by respected tech magazine Wired, 60% of the global DVD market is based in the US, and believe it or not, it isn’t Boomers and Gen Xers who are clinging to their dusty DVD players. The biggest demographic is the 25–39 age bracket. That’s right, it’s millennials who are keeping this industry healthy - remember that when you next want to make fun of their insatiable avocado appetites and near-fatal caffeine intake.

So now that we know who is buying, let’s take a look at the reasons why.

1. DVDs are forever (well, until your toddler scrapes them across the floor).

You pay all this money for countless streaming services and then what happens? They decide that they’re going to remove your favourite movie from the catalogues. How is that fair? You paid for it! That’s when you realise that despite paying a monthly fee, you own exactly zero movies or TV shows.

Once you’ve got a DVD in your hands however, that bad boy is yours and you can watch it whenever you like.

You’re the boss of you, my friend.

2. Accessibility

Digital poverty is still a thing, and not everyone has access to ultra-fast full fibre broadband. Some people can’t afford it, and some live in rural areas with limited access. There are also people who travel a lot for work, and have you ever tried to stream a movie from hotel Wifi? It’s the genuinely the slowest and most agonising way to destroy your soul.

Money is getting tighter and tighter these days too, and this will also make DVDs more appealing. Executive Director of the Digital Entertainment Group, Amy Jo Smith, tells Forbes that “If the economy remains poor, bargain hunting for movies and series’ both online and on DVD and Blu-ray will likely continue, too.”

3. Nostalgia and Identity

Having your taste in movies on display is a way to express yourself and add a bit of your own personality to your living space. Like putting up a poster, hanging a painting, or wearing your favourite band tee; people like to be surrounded by the things they love.

Speaking to Wired.co.uk, DVD collector and British radio producer Tom Green explains it beautifully:

“They represent a part of my life, and a part of me. They’re a curated collection—each item carefully acquired at some point. Every one was a choice I made.” Nowadays, however, “Netflix and Disney curate my streaming selection. Not me.”

4. Netflix doesn’t do niches.

Despite what the blockbuster box office numbers tell you, being a movie fan does not mean that you unconditionally love all movies. Some would quite happily avenge the Avengers, and others find the Fast & Furious franchise infuriating.

When it comes to obscure indie movies, old cult titles or foreign films, streaming does not deliver. And if it did, how long would it be before it was removed from the catalogue to make room for the latest Star Wars episode?

It seems people don’t want to take their chances.

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